Barnard’s Star

by Tamar Yoseloff
published 2004 by Enitharmon

Barnard's Star

In Tamar Yoseloff’s second collection, the spirit presiding over the most successful pieces is the Lowell of Life Studies. This goes beyond the drawing on personal material (often from the poet’s American childhood), to the seemingly casual forms of the poems, the telling details, the tentative observer, the reined-in emotional tone, the particulars implying a wider social malaise.

––Martyn Crucefix, Magma

This is poetry of a strange power, which lingers lovingly on the lush details of life before it stares, unflinching, at its close.

––Alison Brackenbury, PN Review

Tamar Yoseloff is a poet with a haunted imagination. She has an acute sense of personal and historical experience, and a special feel for words and images that ground her poems upon the actualities of time and place. In consequence it is the livingness of the past that she renders in a poetry quick with vivid detail.

––Jeremy Hooker


Poems from Barnard’s Star